Research scope

IBRiS foundation has carried out research projects with local – in communes, poviats and provinces as well as nationwide and European scope. Examples of nationwide and European projects:


the project is run in collaboration with portal.

It involves conducting cyclic opinion polls regarding confidence in public figures. 13 studies were conducted in 2018.

A project carried out in collaboration with „Rzeczpospolita” daily.

18 studies were run in 2018 covering the key social and political issues.

Public opinion poll on crucial V4 issues and future perspectives of the cooperation.

The project was carried out in 2018 in collaboration with one of Hungarian research institutes.

The study covered: awareness, perception and evaluation of V4, perception of member countries, evaluation of social and political life within V4, opinions about international co-operation of V4 (including with the USA, Russia and China), assessment of the key politicians representing V4, perception of the European Union activities related to establishing European army, illegal immigration, internal migration in the EU.

Image of Hungary research.

The project was conducted in 2018 (as a continuation of collaboration in 2017), in the Hungarian and Polish Nongovernmental Co-operation Program.

The study covered issues essential for Hungary in relation to opinion polls and social research in general.

European Research Project is a project consisting of surveys preceding the elections for the European Parliament in 2019, carried out by research institutes from five countries with the largest representation in the European Parliament – Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland.

The project examines political preferences of citizens of countries involved as well as diagnoses key issues and concerns in the European Union, such as EU development directions, migration or the future of the eurozone.

The data gathered in the countries listed above were published during European events.