Qualitative / quantitative studies

IBRiS foundation employs the following methods in quantitative studies:

CATI – standardised computer assisted telephone interviews;

CAWI – computer assisted web interviews;

CASI – computer assisted survey interviews where a respondent fills in a questionnaire on his/ her own, typing answers to questions on the laptop delivered by an employee of the research organisation;

CAPI – research method where respondents are interviewed with the aid of mobile appliances (i.e. laptop, palmtop) and their answers are directly typed on these appliances;

PAPI – a method of gathering information in quantitative market research and opinion polls, face to face individual pen and paper interviews.

and qualitative studies:

IDI – research method in the form of face to face conversation of a researcher (moderator) with an individual respondent;

FDI – Focus Group Interview;



Desk Research.